Moms on medications- not a negative!

I know it is hard for a lot of women to begin taking medication. I never wanted to. It was given to me as a backup and I never intended to take it. But one night, I just took a half, then worked up from there. Finally, i found something to help me; but it took such a long time.

I currently take Zoloft, something I have since I began taking medications in 2016. I also take Wellbutrin, I find that this medication really helps with my motivation. This was a quick one for me. I felt it within the first few days.

Another issue for me was moods. I had insane mood swings. I mean crying, angry, scared of myself mood swings. I sat in the shower crying for a long time several days a week. I cried ALL THE TIME. Usually over thoughts of me being a bad mom, being hard on myself, being disappointed. A medication that really helped me with this and still does, is lamotrigine. It is a medication that is used for bipolar patients, and I do not have a diagnosis of bipolar, but it helps to keep me on an even keel and stop me from being so impulsive with decisions.

I am a huge believer in self management. One thing Ive learned is that a pill will not change your life. You still need to set up good coping mechanisms for yourself. You need to learn a lot about yourself, and practice these mechanisms. For example, who cant say no? ME! I literally had to learn to stop myself before I agreed to do extra things. I had to learn to stop cleaning and rest. I had to learn how to control myself so I wouldn’t loose my shit. This took a long time and I still learn daily.

So, to my fellow moms, I am one in seven, I take medications (several) to help me. I have been in a hospitalization program because my depression became so bad. Ive wanted to kill myself, Ive felt like the worst mother, Ive struggled to get out of bed, to get to school, to get the kids bathed. Ive been exhausted. Ive been stressed. Ive gotten lost in the grocery store, Ive had no concentration, Ive been overwhelmed.

IVE BEEN THERE. And I’m ok. And you will be too 🙂

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